Monday, 25 April 2016

More fresh music, and another new artist ♫

This week's barrage of multi-vitamin, antioxidant-laden (bit of grimy food too obviously - need occasional roughage to balance things out) is almost upon us. It's due in a little over 24 hours to be vaguely precise.

The playlist for this week so far consists of:

01. Vintage & Morelli - Sunny Morning In Amsterdam (Luna Remix)
02. In Isolation - A Certain Fractal Light (Matt Pop Club Mix)
03. Vonileplay - Playgrounds
04. J.Signature - Instrumental (NEW ARTIST TO XRP - THIS WEEK)
05. Armada Named Sound - Fixation
06. Milan - Miracle(Take my heart)
07. Cosimo - Spark
08. Suchitra Lata - Frillex
09. Plaudits - History
10. Kurtis Greenwood - ORbit
11. The Junta - Agent Coulson (Captain Black Mix)
12. Parallax Faction - Tale on Fire (Depressed Mode Mix)
13. Clubfungus - Annalie Prime Rebel Clubfungus Mix (feat. Annalie Prime)
14. Chasjam Feat. Biim Frischenfeldt - Lifetime
15. Filth + Glitter - Flow [People Theatre's Foretaste Mix - Radio Edit]
16. Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Glass Lithium

As usual if there are late uploads, then there could well be room to squeeze a few in - SO if that's the case right now and you have new music waiting... get in there quick, and you could easily find yourself getting airplay tomorrow night (11pm UK time).

Get listening, submitting, registering and generally interacting with the home of the independent artist, XRP Radio. (

Monday, 18 April 2016

11TroniX - the electronic superfood for the ears ♫

In this week's concentrated dose of 11TroniX goodness, we have more of the new music from Armada Named Sound, Plaudits, Brothercom and Milan ... along with more even FRESHER music from another new XRP Radio artist - Cosimo.

The majority of the playlist (in running order) is as follows:

01. Wainscott - In The System (radio edit)
02. Armada Named Sound - Droid Dance >> (NEW)
03. Milan - Let Us Go >> (NEW)
04. Cosimo - Easy To Love >> (NEW ARTIST)
05. Plaudits - Reasons >> (NEW)
06. Brothercom - Hegemony (NEW - from last week)
07. Daniele Bat Maraspin - A Bat's Project
08. Kurtis Greenwood - Inscts
09. J Tizzle - Transparent Odyssey
10. Armada Named Sound - Blindvei
11. Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick)
12. Hydrogen Skyline - INHALE / EXHALE
13. Goldstar - I Need
14. VONeRGY - Something
15. Jodie Fitzgibbon - Going Down
16. Milan - King and queen (NEW - exclusive play from his new album)

For all those who are not regulars, or who are hearing of this for the first time - artists or listeners - please feel free to go to as a guest and sample the sounds, and if you like it a lot... you might want to jump in the chat box as a registered listener or artist and help to review the tunes live.

Come and be part of the XRP independent music revolution :)


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Electronic music night is here again...

Tonight on 11TroniX (11pm UK time) we will be welcoming 3 BRAND NEW artists to XRP radio, along with 7 new tracks.
The new artists include 'Armada Named Sound', 'Plaudits' and 'Brothercom', and as well as their offerings there are 2 new tracks from existing XRP artist 'Almost David'.

The majority of the playlist tonight will include:

01. The Baltic States - The Fire
02. Ego Punks feat. Elesha Moses - Heaven Closed (Luna's Heaven Opened Remix)
03. Armada Named Sound - Afterdrive
04. Plaudits - Honest
05. Brothercom - Hegemony
06. In Isolation - A Certain Fractal Light (Matt Pop Club Mix)
07. Almost David - The Story of Our Lives
08. Daniele Bat Maraspin - A Bat's Project
09. Shadows & Mirrors - Stitches
10. Kill For Eden - Kerosene - Vlad Electro Remix [Joerg Umbreit]
11. Suchitra Lata - World At My Feet (feat Trilochan Kampli)
12. Acazuz - Life is strange
13. Chasjam - Starsky
14. Armada Named Sound - Fixation
15. Plaudits - Kindness
16. Almost David - Paranoid
17. Goldstar - Landslide

Tune in as a guest listener (no account needed to do so), registered listener or registered artist at and jump in the chat box if you dare!


Saturday, 9 April 2016

NEW 11TroniX music

Well there's still 3 days to go until the new edition of 11TroniX, but we've already been treated to SEVEN new uploads of an electronic-based nature since last week.

These newest tracks to be played on Tuesday feature the talents of:

- Armada Named Sound - with the tracks 'Afterdrive' and 'Fixation'
- Brothercom - with the track 'Hegemony'
- Almost David - with the tracks 'The Story of Our Lives' and 'Paranoid'

Artist, producer, listener or DJ, you're welcome to come jump in the chatbox, and on the virtual sofa. Whacky humour is also welcome but not essential :)


Sunday, 3 April 2016

This week's electronic-osified edition of 11TroniX >>

So far, this week's show consists of the following audio goodies:

Ego Punks feat. Elesha Moses - Heaven Closed (Luna Remix)
In Isolation - Tears (Matt Pop Mix)
Harry & Lloyd ft. Daz G - Wishing Well [The Daz G Echoes From Above Mix]
Suchitra Lata - Riviera Magenta
Kurtis Greenwood - ORbit
Thomas Ewel - Ex-O-Uterus
Elias Lycksell - Stainless Steel
Hydrogen Skyline - INHALE / EXHALE
VONeRGY - Before It's Gone
The Baltic States - The Fire
Goldstar - Wait For Me
Catfight - Earthbound (Radio Remix)
Chasjam - Starsky
Neo Jack (ft. The Antonist/Lisa Von H) - Wounded Bird
Vonileplay - Playgrounds
Dean - Saturn [ft. Edie Marshall and Rand Sheets]

As you know by now, this is not the final order and it may well be added to before Tuesday.

You know where to find all this audio goodness... if not, see below ;)


Monday, 28 March 2016

Electro-pop-rock heads unite! 11TroniX is nearly here again...

In under 24 hours - this music will be happening, in an order yet to be decided.... and possibly the usual late additions :)

8 Bit Weapon - Phase I Lexical Analysis
Wainscott - Systematic
Daniele Bat Maraspin "A Bat's Project"
Shadows & Mirrors - Stitches
Suchitra Lata - Moonstone Mandala
Kurtis Greenwood - Chlorine (Ft. Megan McCarthy)
Kill For Eden - Kerosene - Vlad Electro Remix [Joerg Umbreit]
In Isolation - Film Noir Scandal (Matt Pop Remix)
Luna - Gold Dust
Vonileplay - Playgrounds
Jodie Fitzgibbon - Going Down
Goldstar - Alcohol Abuse
Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick)
Acazuz - Go Long
Thomas Ewel - Bigger Balls

As usual... go here - for music and optional chat!


Monday, 21 March 2016

11TroniX this week...

As usual in recent weeks, below are the main artists that will be featuring this week:

01. Ego Punks feat. Elesha Moses - Heaven Closed (Luna Remix)
Full of trancey goodness, and I make no apologies for starting any show with this one :)

02. Filth + Glitter - Keep it Simple [Original Mix]
A new track (previously featured on 11TroniX) that will be remixed by both myself and Paul Faulkner in the weeks to come.

03. In Isolation - A Certain Fractal Light (Matt Pop Club Mix)
This is most definitely an XRP/11TroniX favourite, and will continue to be so. Matt Pop, you keep doing your thing too - we all love it!

04. Daniele Bat Maraspin - A Bat's Project
BRAND NEW submission last week, and HAD to be included in this week's playlist. So many different layers and styles wrapped up into one amazing electronic/metal bundle.

05. Suchitra Lata - Tangerine Skies
Another recent 11TroniX regular, with a little more chilled ear candy from her recent uploads.

06. Kill For Eden - Kerosene - Vlad Electro Remix [Joerg Umbreit]
Metal remix that lets its inner electronica be heard by all. The result is quite magnificent.

07. Kurtis Greenwood - ORbit
Rolling drums and signature atmospheric soundscapes from Kurtis' latest album 'Black and White'

08. Shadows & Mirrors - Stitches
Dark, moody electronica at its very best. Another new submission!

09. A Kompoz Collaboration for needed children - Dream Big
Electronic charity track featuring 11TroniX regular Thomas Ewel.

10. Vonileplay - Knee Cap Guy
South African grime/dubstep/drum 'n' bass that always hits the ground running. Straight to the point.

11. Vintage & Morelli - Sunny Morning In Amsterdam (Luna Remix)
More chilled Ibiza style trance from Paul Faulkner.

12. Chasjam Feat. Biim Frischenfeldt - Lifetime
Big 11TroniX favourite - wonderful catchy use of vocal chops and sampling.

13. Hydrogen Skyline - INHALE / EXHALE
Wonderfully catchy synth rock from the current XRP ARTIST OF THE MONTH!!

14. Neo Jack (ft. The Antonist/Lisa Von H) - Wounded Bird
Electro-folk featuring vocals and lyrics from the multi-talented Lisa Von H.

15. Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick)
Mike Harrison of Torches weaves his electronic magic - another XRP favourite. More please Torches! :)

Tune in as a guest, or jump in and join the fun with a registered account at

Hope to catch you tomorrow,
Daz ;)